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Comfortable Dental Care

We use state-of-the-art materials to make your visits as painless as possible. These include the strongest topical and local anesthetic, as well as the smallest gauge needles. Our comfort protocol is very strict if you do have to get anesthetized; we ensure that benzocaine anesthetic cream is put on beforehand to numb the area, so that any type of discomfort you might feels is greatly reduced. We also offer numbness reversal so that you can get back to your day faster. For those of you who are not particularly fond of needles or have sensitive teeth, we offer needle-free anesthesia for cleanings. The anesthetic numbs your gums to make your cleanings refreshingly comfortable. We also have nitrous oxide, anti-anxiety medication and sleep dentistry for patients who are apprehensive about seeing the dentist. See our Spa Amenities page for the full list of comforts we offer, and remember to ask your hygienist about needle-free anesthesia