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Periodontics in Los Angeles, CA

Did you know that most tooth loss in people over the age of 35 is caused by periodontal disease? It’s true – periodontal disease is the main cause of losing the bone that holds your teeth in place. When the disease becomes severe enough, teeth get loose enough to eventually fall out.

Fortunately, all of this can be combated with good hygiene habits. Brushing and flossing as recommended is essential, and so is getting your cleanings at the frequency your Dentist recommends to keep your gums healthy. The goal is to suppress the periodontal disease by staying on a schedule of basic preventative cleanings, which is the healthiest and most affordable long-term.

Periodontal Disease & Treatment

If you haven’t had the best habits in the past we can get you on track in the healthiest and most affordable way. If the periodontal disease has advanced beyond what a basic prophylactic cleaning can treat, but hasn’t progressed to the point of needing surgery, the best defense is to perform a “scaling and root planing” procedure also known as a “deep cleaning”. This procedure, when followed by timely periodontal maintenance visits and strict brushing and flossing habits, is aimed to prevent gum surgery, and can sometimes do so indefinitely.

On your full examination visit, your Doctor will inform you of the best next course of action to keep your gums healthy. Better yet, you will know exactly why you receive every diagnosis when we educate you with your probe readings, high-resolution imagery, and digital X-Rays. At Calm Dental, you will have high confidence in our diagnoses because you’ll know exactly what our Doctors know. There are no surprises!

After your examination, some of the diagnosis might require the following treatments:

Please note that because of the above, every patient requires a different amount of time for their cleaning. We value all our patients’ time, and we would never rush a cleaning or make our next patient wait because we made a non-clinical assumption before seeing a patient. Contact Calm Dental to schedule an exam and consultation or learn more about the periodontics process.