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General Dentistry


iStock_000005913162_ExtraSmallAt Calm Dental, we offer full service dentistry. This means besides having expert cosmetic dentists, we also have specialists in the office. Along with fillings and cleanings, we offer specialty procedures such as laser gum therapy and implants. If you need orthodontics, we have traditional braces as well as the increasingly popular Invisalign. There is also no need to go elsewhere for wisdom teeth extractions, as we have specialists in-house to do these as well. Full service dentistry eliminates your need to travel to multiple offices to receive all of your dental care. It also means fewer dental appointments because your doctors can combine procedures. In essence, full service dentistry saves you time and money while offering you a higher standard of care.

General Dentistry services we provide:

  • Bad Breath Treatments
  • Root Canal Therapy
  • Extractions
  • TMJ / Sleep Apnea Treatment

Calm Dental doctors use state-of-the art technology and cutting edge clinical procedures to provide you with an exceptional experience. Our highly skilled and friendly staff take care of all your dental needs, and help you to achieve a healthy, beautiful smile. Calm Dental doctors have extensive experience and our number one goal is always patient satisfaction.